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Organs in the basilica of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port

7 Février 2015 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Saint Nicolas

Organs in the basilica of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port

I don't always go to the basilica of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port as a tourist, sometimes I have to go there for sad events or happy ones. Today it was cold in this big building, and even more outside because of the wind. When we were free to go, we went to the tourist office nearby and I discovered it (the tourist office) is going to close next week ! Bad news. We walked back to our car by going through the basilica and I decided to take pictures of the organs to write this article.

As we were sitting and waiting one hour earlier, I noticed the details of the instrument. I had never seen the wooden statue of saint Nicolas standing in the middle of the organs before, same for the angel playing the trumpet at the top. And I had also missed the eagle, representing saint John, under the organs. Sometimes I simply wonder what I really see there as each time I go I discover something else. Is the place changing between my visits ?

Organs in the basilica of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port

Being back home, I looked for information about the organs. This instrument is the fifth one in the basilica, it was built in the 1990s, but the buffet (the wooden part) was built in 1848 by Joseph Cuvillier. There are 3673 pipes ! The bottom of the organs is 7 meters (nearly 23 feet) above the basilica floor.

The sound is quite strong, better than the former organs. It plays a pleasant music, and sometimes with other instruments like hunting horns.

I couldn't help comparing the size of the organs of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port and Vézelise. The later was beautiful but much smaller (and much older).

The light inside was really good and the sun was shining outside. A very cold but sunny day, a good day to appreciate the architecture and details of the basilica.

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kay Lamb 09/02/2015 17:29

Very impressive, maybe someday they will have solar panels so you don't have to freeze to death while there.LOL

Maryse 10/02/2015 08:15

Kay, I don't want to imagine any solar panel on the basilica ! I will cope with the cold (next time with high boots and winter socks).

Barbara Heun-Ploch 08/02/2015 06:31

Beautiful photo, thanks again for sharing your part of the world. You are a wonderful tour guide Maryse.

Maryse 08/02/2015 10:00

Thanks Barbara. I really hope to do more in the coming months with a better weather and a husband who is going to be retired and ready to travel around