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Jack O'Lantern for Halloween or Rommelbootzen in Lorraine ?

30 Octobre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Tradition, #Moselle

About fifteen years ago shops in Lorraine started offering on display different products for Halloween. As children were enjoying mid-term holidays at this time of the year, it became very fashionable to wear costumes, prepare black and orange decorations,...

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Arcimboldo style in Lunéville

28 Octobre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Lunéville

As I parked my car on the side of the castle of Lunéville and used the stairs in the wing, I didn't see it at first. I only discovered it when I arrived at the end of the pumpkin exhibition, near the gate. People growing all sorts of cucurbitaceae have...

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Halloween coming !

26 Octobre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Life

Six o'clock, Saturday morning, perfect time to stay in bed when it is still dark. Suddenly, a noise in the bathroom ! Who is up ? Nothing is planned so early. So, after calling and getting no answer, I got up and found nobody around ! I noticed the bath...

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Autumn in Lorraine

24 Octobre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Life

Autumn started one month ago. We thought it would be dark and cold as our spring was. And we had a bit of cold, but no frost. There was even snow in the Vosges mountains. We were ready to face a long and unpleasant time. And suddenly, about ten days ago,...

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The knife-grinder

22 Octobre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Life

Yesterday I watched news during my lunch. There was a video about a former sea diver who is now a knife-grinder. He has bought a special machine (made in France, he said) and equipped a van and goes from customer to customer. I don't remember seeing a...

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