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Guard stone in Vic-sur-Seille

15 Mai 2015 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Lorraine

Guard stone in Vic-sur-Seille

A guard stone is "a projecting stone located at the corner of walls to prevent damage from vehicle wheels" (source : Wikipedia). In French it is called a chasse-roues, a wheel chaser.

I have seen guard stones during many years without knowing why they were standing near houses. In my village there are still a few, near entry doors ; they are only about two feet high. In Vic-sur-Seille, I took the picture of this big guard stone. It is more than five feet high and one of the highest I have seen. It was useful at the time of horse drawn vehicles in the narrow streets of this small town. It is at the intersection of two streets and I am sure that nowadays cars don't bump into it.

Guard stones can be found quite easily in old parts of towns or villages. I have only seen once a house without a guard stone but with a curved wall instead, to let vehicles turn more easily.It is in Nancy and is called the Goblin's House.

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kay Lamb 15/05/2015 17:50

It would be interesting to know how long ago they actually started using this idea. some of the old places here from the 1700's have similar stones that were used to tie the horses to. More good old stuff!

Maryse 15/05/2015 18:44

They existed in the 1400s, I don't know when it started exactly.