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Chocolate Place Stanislas

7 Novembre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Nancy

We are used to see Place Stanislas through the webcam. We also discover it regularly on the news because of celebrations there. And, in Nancy, you get it on postcards, all of it or the fountains only. If you buy bergamotes, it is on the box or on the...

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Salon du Chocolat in Ludres near Nancy

5 Novembre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Life

Where can you go on a Sunday afternoon in November when the weather is ... let's say "changeable" ? I asked my Husband if he was interested in going to the Salon du Chocolat (Chocolate Fair) in Ludres and he answered : "Maybe at the end of the afternoon."...

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All Saints' Day

1 Novembre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Tradition

We always go to the local cemetery on the first of November. And, of course, we bring flowers with us to put on family graves. As far as I can remember we have always bought chrysanthemums for this day. When I was young, everybody had the ones with big...

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Jack O'Lantern for Halloween or Rommelbootzen in Lorraine ?

30 Octobre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Tradition, #Moselle

About fifteen years ago shops in Lorraine started offering on display different products for Halloween. As children were enjoying mid-term holidays at this time of the year, it became very fashionable to wear costumes, prepare black and orange decorations,...

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Arcimboldo style in Lunéville

28 Octobre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Lunéville

As I parked my car on the side of the castle of Lunéville and used the stairs in the wing, I didn't see it at first. I only discovered it when I arrived at the end of the pumpkin exhibition, near the gate. People growing all sorts of cucurbitaceae have...

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