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Book Tree in Nancy

8 Octobre 2013 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Nancy

Book Tree in Nancy

At the beginning of September L'Arbre aux Livres was put place Saint-Epvre in Nancy. It is a brown and green cupboard full with books with benches in the corners.

People can "pick" a book, read it, take it with them, bring it back or bring others when they want. The idea has come from other towns in Europe.

For a start there were 400 books in the "tree", an association checks if everything is going on well and puts more books if necessary. After three months, the Book Tree could be moved to Porte de la Craffe or in La Pépinière.

Last week, when I discovered the cupboard, I was pleased to see it was still in a good state outside and inside. It seems a good idea to offer people an opportunity to read and also to "recycle" books instead of throwing them in a bin.

I have read that, if this Book Tree works well for a while, there may be others in Nancy next year.

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