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27th Fête du Potimarron in Lunéville

25 Septembre 2016 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Lunéville, #Life

27th Fête du Potimarron in Lunéville

As each year the Société d'Horticulture organized its Fête du Potimarron (Red kuri squash Fair) at the end of September.

We didn't grow any plant of the same family in our garden this year, so it was a good opportunity to go and buy a few, and to enjoy being near the castle of Lunéville.

At lunch time it was not so crowded and I managed to park not too far from the fair, thinking about the bag I would have to carry on the way back to the car.

What makes this Fête du Potimarron so pleasant is the fact that the people who sell the cucurbitaceae advise what to choose depending on what you want to do with it. So I asked for red kuri squash (potimarron) for soup and purée, butternut squash (butternut) for gratin and I didn't know what to have to make jam. In the end I bought a Sweet from Berry (Sucrine du Berry) and I could not resist and bought a Bleu de Hongrie pumpkin to taste (the colour of the peel skin attracted me and I was told it is very good.- the pale blue pumpkins on the left of the picture).

Now it is time to peel, cook and enjoy.

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