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WW1 Monument in Bathelémont, dedicated to fallen American soldiers

10 Août 2015 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Meurthe-et-Moselle

WW1 Monument in Bathelémont, dedicated to fallen American soldiers

After a meal in Lunéville, we decided to have a tour in the country and enjoy travelling through small villages.

I think I had never stopped in Bathelémont, if I had ever been there. We were driving slowly and arrived near the end of the village when we saw the flags : American, European, French and of Lorraine. An American flag in a small French village is not very common. So we stopped and read the notes on and near the monument.

This monument is dedicated to the first three American soldiers who fell on French soil during WW1. They were killed on November 3rd, 1917, near Bathelémont.

WW1 Monument in Bathelémont, dedicated to fallen American soldiers

They were called J.B. Gresham buried in Evansville, M.D. Hay buried in Pittsburgh and T.F. Enright buried in Glidden, all belonging to the 16th Infantry Regiment.

The first monument was designed by Louis Majorelle, made by Auguste Vautrin in November 1918 in the village. But it was dynamited by the Germans in 1940 and another monument was built in 1955 and fixed at the end of the village.

The notes near this new monument also say "on October 23rd (1917) the first artillery shot of the American Expeditionary Corps was fired from this village... The cartridge was reputedly sent to the While House in Washington."

A small place but a big history.

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kay Lamb 10/08/2015 17:18

I would say Peace my friend but there is no Peace; except on a deep personal level. To bad to have to be crushed on a National level for it to become a reality. The reminders you have surrounding you should be more than enough for your leaders but it appears not!!! Nor any where else look at Japan such crushing just 70 years ago and now building army's again.

Maryse 10/08/2015 19:03

At least you can say Peace for this place. It was very windy when we stopped but no other noise and nobody around. And people living around keep this place clean so they remember and would not wish any war to start again.