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Old bed in Vaudémont in Lorraine

30 Janvier 2015 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Lorraine, #Meurthe-et-Moselle

Old bed in Vaudémont in Lorraine

On a cold snowy day as today I feel like staying under a duvet in my bed. When I was a young girl, we didn't have duvets at home but eiderdowns, without seams to make them flat so big eiderdowns, and so warm. I remember that sometimes the end of a feather was appearing through the fabric and I couldn't help pulling it. And the mattress was not hard so, after a few years, we had our "hole" in the middle, so cosy.

The bed we saw last summer in Ferme Duval in Vaudémont near Sion was older than the one I had, but made me think about it. In fact we found one similar to this one in our old house when we bought it. It was not far from the open chimney, in a room in the middle of the house getting light from a skylight on the roof (une flamande as we call it here). The mattress was filled with maize leaves ! The bed was such in a bad state that it couldn't be kept.

I appreciate my "modern" bed (my back even more than me) but I am sure these old beds were really appreciated at a time there was no central heating in houses, with long and cold winters.

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kay Lamb 31/01/2015 17:22

that looks a wee bit too cozy. Was there an idea about building them in the way they did? Times have changed so much so it was very interesting to have a look back. thanks again.

Maryse 01/02/2015 09:39

Some beds may have had curtains around, and in our house there was a second one with "doors" (it was very near the stables for the young man helping the owner). So the idea was certainly to keep a warm and/or private place.