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The new conference center in Nancy

13 Octobre 2014 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Nancy

The new conference center in Nancy

The new conference center of Nancy, called Centre de Congrès Prouvé, opened last summer. In 2007, several architects were asked to propose a draft for the construction of this new building where the former mail distribution center used to be, just near the station.

The mail distribution center was imagined by Claude Prouvé and built between 1969 and 1972 and some parts of it had to be kept. This made the design of the new conference center more difficult as the old building was fragile.

From the outside, the look is not too bad, fitting with the buildings of this new heart of Nancy. I haven't had the opportunity to go inside till now, but what I have seen on internet shows a big space.

The old conference center was at the end of the same street. The new one is just outside the train station. You don't even cross a street. The main bus lines arrive there and there are big parking places underground. I just hope that we'll hear more about it, as the old place was nearly forgotten by a lot of people. I have read there was a big meeting last week end about tattoos and the information was given around quite early. If the other events are given the same attention, this new conference center is a good idea.

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