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Mushroom time in Lorraine

17 Octobre 2014 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Life

Mushroom time in Lorraine

If I had any doubt about autumn in Lorraine, I am now sure it started on time as far as mushrooms are concerned. Temperatures are really mild (18°C-20°C) and it rains quite often, so mushrooms love this weather.

Yesterday my husband went with a friend to check ways to carry cut wood out of the forest and they walked in a meadow. They bumped into mushrooms all the way so decided to pick some.

These ones are called rose des prés in French (meadow mushroom in English, same meaning). They are very common, and numerous if the weather is good. Half of the box is now cooked and ready to be frozen. There are a few other sorts to be found in meadows. And there are even more in woods, but my family doesn't know these ones very well so we don't dare picking them.

This is one of the good points of life in the country.

Now I'd better go back to my kitchen and deal with the other half of the box.

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merlin jp 17/10/2014 19:26

se sont des roses des prés ,il y a aussi des petits misserons ..j,ai habité a SANZEY ,nous allions chercher des jaunottes et des gris dans la foret la reine ,, mais il faut bien se reperer car les kms arrive vite ..jp

Maryse 17/10/2014 23:20

Pour le moment, ce sont juste les roses. J'aime beaucoup les misserons car ils ont tellement de goût. Et il y aura les pieds bleus après les premières gelées. Pour la forêt, je n'ose cueillir que les trompettes de la mort et les jaunottes, les autres je ne connais pas assez.