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Magic spells and potions near Halloween

27 Octobre 2014 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Tradition

Magic spells and potions near Halloween

On Saturday I met a witch who explained about her knowledge of plants and how to use them and also a woman who explained how to recognize plants and berries in woods. Halloween is not very far and some people are getting ready.

I stood in front of the witch when she was showing children how to cook plants, asking them what could happen if spells were used. All the little ones were really interested. And when she said "Do you think there is a bad spirit near us ? This person could be changed into a toad !" They all turned their heads checking adult faces. We, adults, were relieved we were still standing on two legs.

Then I walked a bit further and checked what was on sale at the échoppe de la sorcière (witch stall). I saw elder flower jam called "fairy tree jam" as fairies live in this tree, nettles jelly, lavender syrup, rose hip jelly by the witch of rose bush and others I have forgotten. I chose a few to enjoy during this winter. All these potions seem really good.

In the morning, children had prepared a chocolate fondant with "toad drool". I didn't see it but adults said they were as enthusiastic as in the afternoon. Halloween starts little by little in the area. (And the last Harry Potter film was on television yesterday evening, this helps too)

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kay Lamb 30/10/2014 18:25

I will make the snails and slugs line up, I'm short on flies but I'm sure I can find a few, oh yes the spiders are nice and fat, I must ask can you make do with squirrels tails as I'm short on Puppy dog tails and I'm sure the pond (sorry cauldron) is full of rain water. I have a big surprise this year we will have witches corns and thunder bolts. tee hee!!

Maryse 31/10/2014 09:12

Thank you. See you soon.

kay Lamb 29/10/2014 17:34

with the weather we have been having I have been wondering if some one had gassed up the broom and was whizzing around practicing for "The Night". LOL

Maryse 30/10/2014 09:01

No strong wind here, so no problem with a raincoat on. LOL Even training for longer trip yesterday. See you tomorrow, prepare your patio for the landing.