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Résurgence Terre about WW1 in Lunéville castle

13 Septembre 2014 , Rédigé par Maryse Publié dans #Lunéville

Résurgence Terre about WW1 in Lunéville castle

Each town or village in our area organizes a commemoration to celebrate the beginning of WW1 a hundred years ago.

In Lunéville castle it is different. There is an exhibition called Résurgence Terre with eight French and German artists. In 5 or 6 different rooms you can see paintings, pictures, drawings, sculptures and also listen to texts about WW1. It is not as solemn as commemorations but very interesting. One artist has gathered pieces of bomb shells, bullets and created works with them. Another one has put crosses together with "known" or "unknown" painted on them.

I was impressed by the text Leichen im Priesterwald by Ernst Toller. I didn't know it. It is very blunt, the real war. I have kept in mind three colours when leaving the exhibition : black, green and red, black for the things we see, green for nature around, red for the blood lost in all these places. It didn't make me sad, only very conscious of what happened to soldiers in WW1.

And in one of the rooms I read on the top of a wall Dem deutschen Soldaten ist nichts unmöglich (To German soldiers nothing is impossible). It was written by German soldiers who were in Lunéville castle during WW2. WW1 and WW2 in the same place, history meeting art about it.

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